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Empreinte écologique

Environmental commitment

Semoulin Packaging strives daily to reduce its environmental footprint. To do that, the company acts on all the steps of manufacturing your products:


The raw materials:

We make packaging from paper that is certified from PEFC wood. This certification ensures the survival of our forests through sustainable, responsible management. The forest captures CO2 and helps to regulate the climate. Our forests are our planet’s true lungs. We thus encourage this type of initiative, which is beneficial for all.

PEFC bois
PEFC bois


Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing humankind for the next few years. That is why we are committed to cutting our consumption in order to safeguard our children’s futures. To do this, the first goal is to control consumption by rationalising our energy use.
What is more, the company has 824 photovoltaic panels to cover its own energy consumption needs. The panels’ total instantaneous output is about 130 kW/hr, for a calculated total annual output of some 230 MW/hr. We thus avoid emitting some 100 metric tons of CO2 into the air each year.* Figures based on European statistics. Running our furnace on pellets – a renewable energy source with lower emissions –also enables us to reduce our fossil fuel consumption and carbon footprint.


The manufacturing process:

We are implementing a policy of reducing and recovering our production waste. The waste water that comes from the use of water-based inks is processed by an internal water treatment plant (and the water is re-used in a closed circuit in order to keep consumption down to a minimum). Our paper waste is recycled; our other waste products are sold to approved companies for energy recovery.

Goutte d'eau